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Trade cxlvii | Month 20 | Summer

Over The Top The Helicopter Company


There is an incredible intimacy to the landscape when flying in a helicopter. It might sounds strange because there is no contact with the ground outside of taking off and landing... and crashing. But seeing familiar things from above creates a greater understanding of something you might only ever see from one angle. And... it’s just so fucking cool to fly through the air and forget gravity exists.

The Pixel Trade was something I’d have to say was one of the most amazing opportunities for someone who loves flying in Helicopters. Whenever there was a spare seat on a flight, I would get a call or an email from Karen with the details and I’d have to tell which ever person I was shooting for at the time, that the equivalent to a kid just being offered an all you can eat lolly shop experience had just happened. They never asked questions and off I went to candy land.

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