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Trade cxlvi | Month 19 | Summer

Sarah Jamieson | Spatial Designer


When you shoot all day in a coffee shop you start to go a little nuts. Imagine the buzz you get from coffee, now imagine that buzz going for about 7 hours, now add 7 humans on that buzz, now add a small, beautifully designed space, and finally add a cob of corn. Now you have a slight understanding of what I mean.

The Pixel Trade with Sarah started off by hitting my head on her old school BMW followed by a brief to capture a space she had designed called The Q On Harris, a coffee shop in the streets of bad ass Sydney. The thing was, Sarah wanted the space to be captured with a feeling evident in movies, rather than straight forward nice architectural shots... Now think back to the above description I gave you and add shoot it like a movie with details and textures and you get to relive my experience.

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Interview with Sarah


Describe your most memorable adventure as a child.

This adventure takes place under a stout conifer at the front of our family home. This tree is my hide out, dried pine needles form a soft carpet. I am lying on my belly, poised with a basket of berries waiting to attack ...

What kind of environment do you like designing in?

I like designing in environments that have an open-ness, where questions can be asked and a back door can function as a way in too.

What is often the most frustrating thing when designing?

All things that are measured in numbers.

Is there a misconception that people have about designers?

Perhaps that they are into making things, 'cool'.

What is the most dangerous time of your life?


If you could teach a group of people one thing, what would it be?

Perhaps that watching someone you love doing something they love is just as fun as doing something you love.

What is something you haven’t told someone in a long time?

____ ______ _____ _____ _____ _____ ____

What are three milestone moments in your life?

They are three processes that lead to three decisions that resulted in actions that I'm still living today.

Describe your most memorable adventure as an adult.

This adventure is set on a remote greek island called Anafi, there are yaks instead of cars and we soon find out there are no hotels. We sleep under a tree on a beach and swim and read and eat rockmelons for three days until the next ferry docks again. 

If you had to recommend a favourite music album, what would it be?

'Wild Thing' - Tone Loc.