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Trade cxlix | Month 20 | Summer

High Country Horses


I cant think which moment was more memorable. Either it was when Duane had his foot to the ground on the accelerator of his red demon 4WD car; the Rees river was almost coming up to our windows and the car tyres were moments from losing their momentum and leaving us as a tiny red island in the middle of the ice cold New Zealand water. OR... The experience of riding a horse for the first time surrounded by the most picturesque landscape and being introduced to gliding on horseback, the moment all the legs are off the ground and you’re moving through the air at the perfect speed.

The Pixel Trade was with High Country Horses, a beautiful duo who take people for rides through the surrounding area of their farm. You’ll go through rivers and up mountains, through forests in places labelled appropriately as Paradise and by the end of it you’ll completely appreciate one of the most beautiful creatures walking/galloping this planet. I had to get all gospel and la la beauty on describing this trade because I was a blown away kid in a place that I thought I could only imagine.

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