Trade cxliv | Month 19 | Summer

Phorm Architecture + Design


When you read this, chances are, you are having some association with architecture. Watch as you drive past it or walk between it or look away from the computer screen to your left, your right, below you, above you and now the freaky part...behind you. If for some reason there is absolutely no architecture around you whatsoever, I suggest you switch off your portable device and enjoy the nature around you... I’ll just wait while you do that... Now that I’m alone with those of you who are around architecture, pay attention to how you feel in your space this feeling is a result of the materials on the walls, floor and ceiling, the size of the space, the acoustics... Welcome to architecture land.

Phorm Architecture + Design are a brilliant group of minds based in Brisbane, Australia. They consider the space you’re in, down to the most specific details. If you don’t like the space you’re in, chances are these guys didn’t design it. If you do like the space you’re in... Well chances are they still probably that they didn’t design it, but what they are creating are thoughtful spaces specific to the purpose for which it was designed and this, they do incredibly well.