Trade cxliii | Month 19 | Summer



I’m not a researcher, I form most of my views based on my observations and conversations with people I come into contact with. One thing I observe a lot is the growing industries and businesses of the world. I noticed it was becoming difficult for me to find a company who didn’t have ‘bullshit’ written into their fine print. This is what I used to think. Since starting The Pixel Trade though, I’ve started to swing that opinion. It’s companies like NetEngine that continue to swing it towards the positive because they are a good group of smart, honest people who don’t ‘talk’ about doing a little extra for nothing, they just do it.

The Pixel Trade was spending two days in their office space photographing and watching the way they work and capturing their ‘philosophy’. You may have noticed a new interactive map on the website which allows you to either look at past trades based on to their location or see where I’m going to be trading in the future. This was created by the NetEngine team and was part of our trade. If you want a custom world map for anything, these are the guys are the ones to go to. Actually if you want anything custom built related to the internet, I’d start a dialogue with them, because their fine print doesn’t have ‘clowns’ inked into the contract.

Interview with Bruce


Describe your most memorable adventure as a child.

Having grown up in Africa, surrounded by wildlife and the rawness of the third world, i'm ashamed to say that visiting Disney World in Florida aged 11 is the most memorable or standout 'adventure' I recall.

What is one of the most interesting discoveries you’ve seen during the evolution of the internet?

I think the invention of M-Pesa (mobile money) in Kenya a few years ago has had the biggest impact on a continent that needed it the most. Very proud that Africa is leading that charge.

What is your biggest goal at the moment?

I'd like to be good enough at what we do to be able to choose what work we do and who we do it for. We spend too much time at work to not love what we do, and for it not to be meaningful.

What is your biggest obstacle at the moment?

Probably fear.

If you could do anything tomorrow, what would you do?

I'd give away my laptop and phone and take my family to the East coast of Africa for a month to eat samosas and drink dawa cocktails (vodka, honey, lime and crushed ice) whilst contemplating 'what now?'

What is something you haven’t told someone in a long time?

God i'd kill for a cigarette!

Tell me a secret about Zimbabwe

It used to be the second largest exporter of tobacco in the world, second to Brazil, and that tobacco was really, really tasty.

If you could teach your children one thing to carry through life, what would it be?

Other than don't smoke... it would be that nothing matters that much, so take life with a pinch of salt.

Describe your most memorable adventure as an adult.

In 2005 my wife and I moved to Slovakia (from London) where we lived amongst strangers of another language and culture for 2 years. We started a business and went to rock festivals in the mountains - it was a crazy 2 year adventure.

If you had to recommend a favourite music album, what would it be?

The Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion