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Trade clxXXI | Month 26 | Summer

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Roadtrip nation

Put three guys in an RV and send them up the Californian coastline and you'll get... well some photographs but mainly a lot of bad smells filling up the vehicle. Roadtrip Nation is a lot of things but essentially it focuses on different mediums and tools to create a diverse and relevant collection of resources showing young people the vast scope of careers and possibilities. They do this through television shows, books, school curriculum and many other forms.

For this trade I spent a few days with two amazing lads traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Sometimes the idea of being inside a vehicle for a long time can seem rather disconnecting to your landscape. This may happen on occasions but as a friend once pointed out, if you view the windscreen of your car, RV or vehicle as a cinematic live television and play some music, it becomes a world of its own. Mix that with plenty of moments of nudity runs, climbing and picnics and you've got yourself one hell of an inspiring trip.

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