Trade clxXX part one | Month 26 | Summer

ankur & miriame

‘Ankur! Follow me, it’s not about a photo, you HAVE to experience this’

There are few times I get so over excited about something that I have to concentrate on not peeing myself more than anything else.
I led Ankur away from all his friends and family. We were on a hillside surrounded by pine covered mountains in northern Washington State.

‘Come over here, stand here’

We were now a hundred meters up the hill from his wedding celebration.

‘Close your eyes’

Ankur didn’t question what I was up to, he is a man who trusts.

‘Tell me Ank, can you hear everyone down the hill, the murmurs, the shouts?’

He nodded.

‘Now focus on this. See how often there is a gap where someone or a group is not laughing’.

I closed my eyes too.

What followed was almost five minutes where laughter crossed over laughter. When one chubby man finished his laughter, a lady nearby would erupt. When she was done with her explosion a group of three would burst into hysterics.

The entire time we stood there we could hear one form of laughter or another leading into the next. Finally there was a short gap and then the pattern kicked in once again. I was with Ankur and his family and friends for five days leading up to the wedding and this particular moment would be an indication of what those five days were like.

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