Trade clxXVII | Month 25 | Summer

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Shanu walsh

One of the greatest emails I have ever received was when my best friend, who I’ve known since kindergarten, emailed and said he wanted to do a trade. His description was buying a car in Los Angeles, heading up to San Francisco along the 1, picking me up and taking me for a road trip for a few days in Northern California. Then he would drop me at my next trade in Nevada City and make his way down through Central America following the waves.

The Pixel Trade was simple. Sit back, listen to music and take photographs of what I saw. It’s amazing what you can see from the window of your car. We went up through Jackson State Forest where the fog and nippy air made spooning a priority to the driest, hottest and yellowest landscapes just a few hills East. Tahoe National Forest was our last stop before waving our hankies in the air and going our separate ways. A unique trade.

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