Trade clxXVI | Part TWO | Month 25 | Summer

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Rebecca & jose

From Madrid to Santiago De Compostela to La Corña and back, Rebecca & Jose's wedding celebration spanned across a week in Spain and the result is a very necessary two part story, this being the first. It started with a hens night in Madrid, Flamenco dancing, red skirts and bottles of wine! Madrid's buzz turned into the quiet town of Santiago De Compostela with walkers, talkers, fireworks and sweet country air. Then off to the sea side town of La Coruña where tradition from two cultures danced with one another, tea ceremonies, salmon and good luck.

When I photograph weddings over a period of time like this, I always write about how incredible the stories are that you get to see unfold, leading up to the wedding. I think it's only a matter of time until the most popular way of photographing celebrations like this will span across multiple days as a 'standard service'. The Pixel Trade has allowed me to discover this and I'll never look back. Plus it's just a lot more fun sleeping under the same roof as everyone else so by the time the wedding day comes you're a family member like everyone else.

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