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Trade clxXiX | Month 26 | Summer

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The only thing I knew about the State of New York before this shoot was it’s globally iconic urban environment known as New York City. Thanks to Zach and Rebecah this all changed. I jumped in a car with a few of their friends and fired on up north a few turns of the hour hand to a place called Germantown. The transition from a dense urban giant landscape to lush green rolling hills is instant and so is the relief and rejuvenation that nature brings.

The Pixel Trade with these two love eagles reminded me as to why I photograph weddings. I roamed around like a native deer watching and capturing every part of their celebration unfolding, when they cried, I cried, when they laughed I laughed... In fact there were a lot of moments I had a little too much shake in my camera because I was bouncing with laughter behind it.

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