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Trade clxXIV | Month 25 | Summer

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Based on the stereotypes of Miami I was expecting to arrive only to see silicone breasts, mopeds, fluorescent signs and drug cartel everywhere. The stereotypes are true, but there is more to this place than just that. What I didn't predicting, just like you don’t predict your wheels falling off your car while driving, was witnessing an ever growing art scene scattered across this seaside city.

It was thanks to two ladies, who own a marketing company called, Marketites that I even had the opportunity to discover this culture. They flew me to Miami and asked me to photograph different 'hoods' that reflected the society, less known, in this part of the world. Who knows, maybe all the artists have enhanced breasts, ride mopeds, showcase in buildings with fluorescent signs and are part of the drug cartel... But lets not start another stereotype.

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