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Trade clxXIIi | Month 25 | Summer

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The imagination has often gone running with concepts of cities turning into big natural jungles instead of the concrete ones we often refer to them as. I soon realised that the only place I was going to find this was in movies that had zombies and Will Smith. Then one day the imagination pulled it back a gear and thought, what if all the rooftops in a city turned into farms, a view from directly above or Google Maps would simply show agricultural land where enormous metropolises are. There is a small group that is turning this into reality and they are known as Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farms.

The Pixel Trade was a beautiful summer evening photographing the 4th of July celebrations at one of Brooklyn Grange’s Rooftop Farms on an old navy yard. Wondering around their incredibly productive farm with New York City all around me was something of a dream.

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