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Trade clxXIi | Month 24 | Summer

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ACustom apparel

Customisation (customization) is the prey for every man and his goat and every woman and her duck. Most of us a taught from a young age that we’re individuals, a snowflake, no other person is exactly like us and we should embrace it, instead of trying to be someone else. So naturally the desire for the things we want or need are slightly tweaked to who we are, and thus, the desire for customisation is born.

ACustom Apparel is a fashion label in New York City who is doing just this, with menswear (sorry, the women and their ducks have to sit tight for now). The accuracy of their customised clothing is enhanced by a 3D body scanner that picks up every arm hair and muscle shape on your body, to produce an outline for the best fitted clothing. The Pixel Trade was photographing a number of different gentlemen in changing environments to reflect the customisation of the clothing for any kind of man.

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