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Trade clxX | Month 24 | SUMMER

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Eoin & roisin

Day one. I arrived at the venue with Eoin, a calm collected man who didn’t appear to be in any way stressed. He walked around the manor quietly setting things up here and there and spending a lot of time on the phone organising, yes I eavesdropped. After seeing this I decided to reflect the same calmness in the photographs through details and quiet moments. We jumped back in the car and headed for Dublin. I was almost confused whether he was getting married the next day, I’ve never seen a man so collected and enthusiastic at the same time the day before a wedding.

The Pixel Trade was photographing Eoin & Roisin’s wedding in Westmeath, Ireland. The entire day had so much laughter and lip stretches that I almost thought the photographs were going to look far to clichéd. Even when I went searching for the ‘serious’ faces I ended up finding humour in them... I think that’s a pretty good description of what it was like to be part of this celebration.

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