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Trade clxviIi | Month 23 | Spring

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Imperfections. It’s a great discovery when you realise that the word perfect is so closely linked with it’s brother imperfect and that it’s often the imperfections of something that make it perfect. An object that shows age is something most would consider, just perfect, yet based on other characteristics of perfection, one could say it is not. Whatever your preference if you reflect on the things or moments of your life that you thought were not really that perfect, have another think and see if you can find the perfection in it.

The Pixel Trade with Kinfolk magazine was focused on this theme and my subject was Lisbon, a city in Portugal with plenty of imperfections that really make the city what it is, it’s character. For a whole week I got to wonder around a maze of food, narrow streets and buildings that showed off their version of aging wrinkles. Lisbon, you are a dish served to perfection.

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