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Trade clxIX | Month 24 | summer

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Claire & ado

People often ask what some of the key turning points in my life are. I’m always tempted to reply that every day is a turning point, but truth be told there are some moments that set a course you never saw coming. Photographing Claire and Ado’s wedding was one of these moments. What happened over the course of their celebration has shifted my feet under new terrain in more ways than you can imagine.

The Pixel Trade started when Ado picked me up from the airport, a Johnny Depp kind of guy, and zoomed off towards Dublin to settle in before the wedding prep days began. Next came a cold clinical environment known as the registry office, lets face it, it’s the law wanting a piece of love and not realising, the two never mix. Once the paperwork was out of the way, the real celebration was revealed...

Like a lot of the weddings I shoot, I capture a broader story outside of the wedding day itself. Little narratives that are as relevant and enjoyable to capture as the wedding day itself.

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DAY THREE (in twelve shots)