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Trade cliv | Month 21 | Spring

Shelley Boyd


India. You are forever an incomplete description.

The Pixel Trade was to fly to India with Shelley Boyd and capture some of India’s colours, zippity-zap and culture... In 5 days... Anyone who has been to India knows that in 5 days you might be somewhat arriving in the country, but you wouldn’t even get close to a slither of what India is made of. That aside I photographed people creating furniture for Shelley’s brand in Australia and had a few opportunities to walk through streets, smell the smells, see the light and smile at the people.


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Interview with Shelley


Describe your most memorable adventure as a child.

Camping in NZ, my parents used to take us, my younger sister and I camping in remote spots of the north island, beautiful beaches, swimming in creeks, water skiing, very simple holidays and lots of very fond memories, probably the most memorable was when we went to the Great Barrier Reef on our boat, fishing, diving, special times in NZ with family.

Why do you get your furniture made in India?

India's artisan craftspeople are so clever, I love the handmade aspect and that they have kept basic traditional elements alive.  I also like that we are helping support people that really need our orders.

What is the most difficult part of working with India?

Lead times, nothing happens quickly, they have so many holidays, celebrations and festivals, you need to be patient and flexible as very rarely can you get anything quickly.

What is one of your most memorable experiences in that part of the world?

I've had many special times in India, I love my friends there and always feel so welcomed and every time I go I experience memorable special times like having that incredible night at the Amber Fort in Jaipur with you Kevin and Umesh, that was incredible.   I've shared special times in Rajistan with my husband, I think taking my mother to India was very special, taking her to the Taj Mahal was a great day, very memorable mother daughter time.

What has changed in your industry over the last twenty years?

The Internet has made the world so much more accessible, smaller in a way, consumers can pretty much source any product or service they want/ need from the comfort of there living room, this of course has had a big impact on our industry, also China in last 20 years has dominated with cheap copies.  We buy virtually nothing from china.

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If you could do anything tomorrow, what would you do?

STOP, have a month off, I'm exhausted!

What was one of the most dangerous times of your life?

I was bitten on my leg by a White tail spider, I'm not sure that it was that dangerous but it was scary as it turned black and it along time to heal, I could have lost half my leg had the treatment not been successful.

If you could teach a child one thing, what would it be?


Describe your most memorable adventure as an adult.

Starting my own business, what a great adventure its been.

If you had to recommend a favourite music album, what would it be?

Van Morrison - best of, love it.


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