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Trade cliii | Month 21 | Autumn

Carpenter's Daughter


The age of ‘someone else is doing something like that’ is upon us. I used to get sour faced when people told me this about my ideas or when I thought it about others. The truth is no matter how similar an idea, the differences have a list much longer. I am grateful when I come across someone else who is doing something smart or interesting and I actually don’t give two cents if there is someone doing something similar (not just because I don’t use money) but because there is always a chance I may have never discovered their work, their craft or their existence. Camille Moir-Smith is someone I am truly grateful to have met.

Camille is not only a cunning graphic designer but has started her own little design label called The Carpenter’s Daughter that began with apron designs. She taught me an appreciation for creating such pieces and I admire her for doing it in a world of people who talk ideas and get so excited as though talking is creation. I guess this all feels like a bit of a rant... but I’m ok with that. For The Pixel Trade we photographed some of her designs in a location just outside of Melbourne that I am all to familiar with from previous trades here. Butterland.


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