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Trade cli | Month 20 | Summer

ARO HĀ | Wellness Retreat


Sometimes I have to observe a place for a little while before picking up the camera. This happens rarely but when it does it’s usually environments that are so incredibly picturesque that if you hold the camera and push the button you cant fuck it up. However these places are the ones that desperately need well thought out shots otherwise you’ll end up with a whole lot of beauty and no meaning... That’s my take on it anyway.

Aro Hā wellness retreat is one of these situations. Not only was the place so intensely beautiful but the weather changed every thirty minutes, snow in the middle of summer, rain, blue sky, everything. Thankfully there was a retreat happening at the time of shooting. Yoga classes, trekking in the forests, getting massages all helped in the concentration of my over stimulated eye balls.

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