I am travelling to all seven continents of the globe trading my services as a photographer for life’s basic necessities. No currency, no contracts, only my camera and an eager smile. 

The idea is to reintroduce the bartering system into day-to-day life in a global environment. 

In exchange for my skills as a professional photographer, all I’m asking from each of my subjects is a roof to sleep under, food to keep the stomach happy and a ticket or ride to the next trade. Shelter, food and transport traded for whatever photography work you need snapped. It’s that simple. 



While I'm snoring under your roof, I ask that you send carrier pigeons or phone calls to friends and associates that might want to trade with me down the line. This way The Pixel Trade gets to continue (and I also won't be in risk of starvation and/or homelessness). Occasionally people might want to trade me for additional personal necessities, like clothing, sneakers, luggage or hugs. These are welcomed but completely optional and can be discussed at your leisure.

I have been living this nomadic life for over three years and have met some incredible people and have had some likewise amazing experiences, all without spending a cent of money on anything. I will continue to trade with as many people as possible until the well of human compassion and curiosity dries up and I reach all seven continents. 

Interested in doing a trade? All your questions can be answered here.

Hopefully through The Pixel Trade, I will be able to inspire others to start thinking about the world and people around them in terms of their attributes, not their wallets. 




Give a little, and you get a lot back.